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April, 2008
IS Holdings Co., Ltd was established
October, 2008
Consolidated IPO Securities Co., Ltd (the present i-Net Securities Co., Ltd)as a subsidiary company
February, 2009
Consolidated RHEOS CAPITAL WORKS Inc. as a subsidiary company.
February, 2009
Capital increased to JPY 600,000,000
May, 2009
Consolidated IDO Securities Co., Ltd (the present livestar Securities Co., Ltd) as a subsidiary company
June, 2009
Consolidated Sun Capital Management Corp. as a group company.
July, 2009
Consolidated OIMC Co., Ltd as a group company.
December, 2009
Earthcar Co., Ltd was established.
December, 2011
Consolidated Himawari Holdings, Inc. as a group company.
May, 2012
Consolidated Nihon Birudo Co., Ltd as a subsidiary company.
Dec. 2012
Advanced Estate Capital Adviser International Inc. was established.
Feb. 2013
Consolidated Grand Hotel Hakusan Co., Ltd as a subsidiary through a rights offering.
Apr. 2013
Issued the first time naked debenture (750 million JPY, Underwriter as SMBC Bank)
Mar. 2014
ssued the second time naked debenture (300 million JPY, Underwriter as Mizuho Bank)
Sep. 2014
Set a committed credit line with Mizuho Bank
Nov. 2015
Acquired 100% shares of Asahi Kiko Co., Ltd as a subsidiary company.
Jan. 2016
Green Power Engineering Co., Ltd was established.
Dec. 2016
Acquired 100% shares of Shuukatsu Online Co., Ltd as a subsidiary company.
Jan. 2018
Arcadia Vacations Co., Ltd was established.



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