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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

IS Holdings (We), the board and our employees abide by the laws related, comply with the guidelines of the supervision authority and the affiliated association, and set and endeavor to fulfill the following fundamental policies.

  1. The acquirement and management of personal information are carried out according to the related laws. Endeavors are made to keep the contents of personal information accurate and up to date.
  2. Your personal information will not be utilized beyond the purposes of use.
  3. Disclosure and provision of the personal information to third parties are not carried out without your personal express consent if there are not legitimate reasons such as obligatory ones for disclosure.
  4. We carry out thorough education towards the board and our employees in order to prevent your personal information from outflow and unauthorized use.
  5. Appropriate employees are authorized to manage the personal information and proper management system is maintained.
  6. We may share your personal information with outside service providers, and in that case we hold responsibilities for supervising our service providers practice protection of your personal information
  7. Disclosure, correction, and stop of use of your personal information are carried out at your offer according to the laws and regulations

Privacy policy

We set and fulfill ‘Privacy Policy’ in accordance with our ‘Privacy Policy’, the laws applicable to enterprises dealing with personal information, and the other regulations and standards. We endeavor to improve continually the management system of personal information protection.

Purposes of Use

  1. For exertion of rights and execution of obligations according to the commercial law
  2. For necessary data collection in activities of public relations and Internal Relations
  3. For business contacts with customers
  4. For execution of contracts with customers
  5. For correspondence to inquiries and requests of customers
  6. For appropriate and smooth exercise of our business


We collect and acquire your personal information rigidly complying with the laws and regulations.

Managing Personal Information with Service Providers that Work for Us

We may entrust part or all of our business to outside enterprise in order to advance our business smoothly. In this case, we select correspondent service providers and perform appropriate supervision on them

Disclosing and providing personal information to third parties

We are committed that we do not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties except under the following circumstances.

  1. Circumstances with your consent
  2. Circumstances with disclosure request set by laws
  3. Circumstances that we can not specify or identify your identity
  4. Circumstances that we can judge reasonably that it is necessary to disclose or provide your personal information in order to protect your and our rights, properties and security

Requests of Disclosure

Please contact us at the Inquiry of Personal Information below if you or your authorized representative requires to disclose, correct, delete, or stop the use of your personal information we hold. We respond to your requests appropriately and swiftly upon confirmation, Please note, according to the related laws and regulations, we may not respond to your requests of stop of use and deletion of your personal information.

Inquiry of Personal Information

Please contact us at the following if you have complaints or inquiries about our usage and management of personal information.

Pacific Century Place Marunouchi 26F 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

IS Holdings Co., Ltd

General Affairs Dept. (Privacy Information Desk)

Inquiry Time
am9:30 - pm 6:00

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