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Top management message

President  Shoji Endo

We, IS Group has set the vision of "Innovations for Next IT stage", and expanded business with financial businesses such as securities and FX trading as core taking strength in in-house production of IT. Thankfully we were able to grow to one of the leading companies in FX trading business world.

However, there is no future for a company if the company settles in its existing business. We look forward to further breakthroughs by challenging new business which grounds on the future, taking advantage of M & A according to the balanced growth strategy between defense and attack.

From this point of view, we have advanced into car-sharing business, hotel business and real estate business, begun to focus on power generation business used Renewable energy and mechatronics business, and developed our group up to 20 companies in recent years.

Interests of a company are accomplished by patronage from customers. We believe that it is our eternal theme to provide convenient advanced system service and further enhancing the satisfaction for customers who choose our services.

Business is subject to many risks. We are also working on expansion of education of human resources, maintenance of internal control, advance of risk management and are making an effort toward reliability improvement of business operation.

We, IS Group, hold up the policies to everyone of our customers, shareholders, investors and local communities, employees, and all of the stakeholders:

Our missions are

For Our Customers
We regard it as our mission to continue to provide our services which satisfy our customers. And we would like to keep on providing innovative function services that are only available in the system with our unique IT technology.
For Our Shareholders and Investors
Based on the changes of the managerial infrastructures in a new stage including ensuring and training global human resources, reforming IT infrastructure, restructuring the group companies, and dealing with global environment issues, we endeavor to work on strategies that aim at strengthening of our business foundation and future growth.
For Our Communities
We, IS Group companies and each employees are committed to work actively in order that every individual employee can play a part in our communities, broaden his/her horizons, and be concerned with the solid development of the company. Our CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) is to create and provide values and to achieve trust for our stakeholders by contributing to the realization of a wealthy society through business innovations.
For Our Employees
As our society changes, environmental improvements are needed in a company to support work-life balance of its employees. We value and stick to these improvements to motivate our employees and to make the most of their abilities.
For Global Environment
We, IS Group believes that it is our generation’s responsibility to protect a safe and clean environment and pass it on to the next generation as well as to share environmental issues with our society, broaden our horizons, and create a better society.

Finally, we, IS Group aims to be a corporate group which can contribute to the society and provide a high degree of satisfaction to all stakeholders. Together with this, we are committed to strengthening our business foundation and diversifying the business profit structure to make even greater strides.
We highly appreciate your continuous support and kindness in future.

President  Shoji Endo

President Shoji Endo

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